Logging problem with the Webapp in EasySpooler/Rhaposdy version 7.5.5 on the Windows Platform

We have discovered a problem in EasySpooler/Rhapsody version 7.5.5, running on the Windows platform.  The problem is specific to the configuration logging subsystem in the Webapp.  If you are running the Webapp for EasySpoooler/Rhapsody on a Windows server, the log file will not be created by default, which will cause all logging data to be redirected to a file in your install directory which defaults to C:\Program Files\ROC\Output Management\webapp\logs\service-out.txt

This file will continue to grow unless you take action, however there is a workaround for this problem.  You will need to retrieve the file logging.xml from the ROC Support FTP site.

Connect to the ROC ftp site


The file logging.xml will be extracted.  Perform the following steps to copy the new file, logging.xml,into the correct location.

1.  Stop The Webapp via Services
2.  Remove the file service-out.txt (the default installation directory is C:\Program Files\ROC\OutputManagement\webapp\logs\service-out.txt)
3.  Copy the new file, logging.xml, into place (the default installation directory is C:\ Program Files\ROC\OutputManagement\webapp\config\logging.xml)
4.  Restart webapp via Services

Please contact Tech Support at ROC Software if you have any questions or need additional information.

By email: techsupport@rocsoftware.com
By Phone:  512-336-4200

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