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Using and Setting up Alerts

One of the many challenges a support person faces is managing the numerous printers spread throughout the organization. With limited resources, you must be able to “do more with less”. It is not realistic for a company with limited resources to have a person walk floor to floor or building to building to check the status of the printers.

EasySpooler from ROC Software makes life easier. With EasySpooler, you can consolidate your printer functions to one location. With EasySpooler, you can be instantly notified when a printer goes offline, looses network connectivity or simply runs out of paper. Additionally, you can set up warning thresholds so you can be notified when a printer is running low on paper, running low on toner or the output tray is getting too full.

The most common notification method is via email or text messages. This can be configured to notify just one person or a whole group. The notification method is contained in a user customizable script so it can be easily modified to use any software available on your server, thus allowing any number of notification methods, from pop-up windows, to text pagers, or even provide input to system monitoring software products. No more waiting for someone to call you stating that a printer is down. EasySpooler allows you to proactively monitor the printer status. In most cases, you will be notified of a problem before anyone even realizes that there is one.