ROC EasySpooler

EasySpooler is an advanced print spooler that will help you spend less time managing printer and output issues, while improving the reliability of your entire output environment.

ROC EasySpooler streamlines printer administration in a package that is easy to install, easy to implement and easy to use. This translates directly to better use of IT resources - people, paper and processes.

Key Features
  • Advanced spooling for delivery via print, fax, email, Web and file
  • Single point of control for print devices, jobs and queues
  • Break up large jobs for efficient routing and delivery
  • Bundle smaller jobs for more efficient resource utilization
  • Easily recover and reprint lost output jobs
  • Print to PDF
  • Easy-to-use browser interface
  • Platform and application independent
  • Installs in minutes
  • Highest quality, total product life-cycle support
  • Automatically enter printer passcode/PIN with print job
  • Improve output reliability for UNIX, Linux and Windows systems
  • Spend less time managing output
  • Reduce print-related Help Desk calls
  • Allow end users to resolve their own printer problems
  • Eliminate wasted paper, forms and toner, especially on large print jobs
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  • Windows Server™
  • Solaris™
  • HP-UX™
  • SCO UnixWare™
  • AIX™
  • NCR™
  • Red Hat Linux™
  • SUSE Linux™