Financial Services

Output Management

Financial services companies rely on ROC solutions to ensure secure delivery of sensitive documents and strengthen regulatory and audit compliance.

Sensitive documents such as trade confirmations, customer statements and portfolio summaries require extraordinary security measures to prevent unauthorized access to information. Financial services providers rely on ROC software’s ability to encrypt output from the time a document is generated through its confirmed delivery to a printer, fax server or electronic archive.

Financial services firms are subject to significant regulatory and audit requirements. ROC includes specific auditing features that track all output by device, user, application and date range. ROC’s core output management features also ensure that all customer communications, statements and transactions are automatically archived and easily reprinted whenever necessary. ROC’s solutions even allow reprints of a single page within a print run of thousands providing complete security for any size print run.

ROC output management solutions can help improve security, ensure regulatory compliance and simplify audits at your firm, try it today.

Job Scheduling

Financial services firms rely on automated processes to comply with a broad range of regulations. ROC Maestro transforms an organization’s business model into a daily implementation schedule of tasks and services, all delivered through the IT infrastructure and all coordinated by a centralized system. ROC Maestro increases accountability with an audit trail of processed schedules and tasks. Given the volume of repetitive computing processes in any financial firm, ROC Maestro improves the efficiency of these jobs with its automated capabilities.

Try ROC’s job scheduling solution to see how it can help your institution today.

Success Stories

McCoy Myers

McCoy Myers provides in-house and outsourced bank processing services to 1 our of every 6 banks in Texas. They rely on solutions from ROC Software to manage output and job processing across customers, servers and data centers.

« EasySpooler is a very nice utility that everyone has to have that handles multiple jobs on multiple printers at multiple locations. »

Roger McCoy
McCoy Myers