Output Management

School districts, community colleges and universities rely on ROC solutions to reduce the cost and assure the delivery of critical output including student transcripts, checks and student account statements.

Educational institutions usually operate with minimal IT staff that must support a wide range of platforms and business processes across a campus or system of campuses. ROC solutions allow IT staff to support all printed and electronic output throughout the institution from a single, remote location. With a single point of control, IT staff can be assured that nightly reports are delivered and archived correctly, check runs are uninterrupted and student documents are printed on-demand without issue.

Educational institutions also value the simplicity and ease of use of ROC’s output management solutions. ROC software is easy enough for end users to be able to manage and recover their own print jobs as necessary, further reducing the support burden on the IT organization.

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Job Scheduling

Education is constantly tasked with wringing out greater cost savings from every budget area, and IT is no exception. With ROC Maestro’s job scheduler, educational institutions harness the same power of automation that large corporations have enjoyed for years. ROC Maestro empowers IT staffers to deliver unattended overnight processing. Report generation, payment processing, transcript generation, invoice production and other administrative tasks are all accomplished automatically during times when IT resources are underutilized. Best of all, modifications to when these tasks are carried out can be made from a single point, regardless of which server performs the task. Any problems are flagged by ROC Maestro, which can trigger electronic notifications or automated recovery and correction procedures. ROC Maestro is a key element in the education industry’s need for cost efficiencies and stakeholder accountability.

Try ROC’s job scheduling solution to see how it can help your institution today.

Success Stories

Gannon University

Gannon University, a four-year private institution in Erie, PA turned to solutions from ROC Software to reduce the burden of nightly processing and virtually eliminate the costly printing of nightly reports.

Case Study