Output Management

Healthcare providers depend on ROC output management solutions to enable remote management of output devices and to ensure compliance with HIPAA data security requirements.

Healthcare facilities often have printers and output devices in locations that require remote management such as critical care units, nurses' stations or operating rooms. ROC Software provides a single point of control for all output regardless of its form or destination. From a simple browser interface, IT staff can resolve any output problems without having to travel to a remote facility or enter a sensitive area.

HIPAA compliance is a major concern for healthcare providers, and ROC output management solutions help secure confidential patient data by encrypting sensitive information from any application to any output device. ROC solutions also simplify HIPAA audits, allowing healthcare providers to prove that patient documents were only delivered to the device and location intended.

To find out how ROC can help increase reliability, provide remote management and improve security in your healthcare operations, download a TRIAL today.

Job Scheduling

Today’s healthcare companies require efficient back-office processing of a huge volume of transactions to cost effectively serve their communities. ROC Maestro allows the IT departments of healthcare organizations to automate most large repetitive business processes from capitations to patient invoices to periodic system utilization reports. And ROC Maestro’s centralized control guarantees critical business functions are not compromised while audit trail capabilities ensure that regulatory obligations are fulfilled.

Try ROC’s job scheduling solution to see how it can help your institution today.

Success Stories


ConnectiCare is a Farmington, CT based health plan that serves more than 240,000 members. In 2007, ConnectiCare was ranked #5 on the US News and World Report / NCQA list of America’s Best Health Plans®

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