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How are Rhapsody and EasySpooler different?

You know that EasySpooler and Rhapsody are both Output Management Products. But how are they different?

Rhapsody is a great spooler, just like EasySpooler, but Rhapsody has some additional enterprise features that you might not be aware of.

Rhapsody has one central point of control. No matter how many servers you have in a Rhapsody environment you can manage all of them from one web based console. You don't have to log into each server individually.

If your auditors are concerned about data security, Rhapsody has data encryption. This protects sensitive data by encrypting spool files when data is written to the printer or sent over the network.

There is also a Printer Discovery feature. Through the web user interface you can find all the printers on your network. The printers can then be added automatically and you won't have to enter them manually.

Rhapsody even allows you to define a backup server that will take over management of the Rhapsody environment if the main server goes down. The switch to the backup server happens automatically and it even switches itself back once the main server is up and running.