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Running EasySpooler options from the command line

Have you ever wanted to delete several print jobs but did not want to bring up a WEB browser or wanted to make sure all of you printers were attached first thing every morning? Well, by using EasySpooler commands you can easily accomplish these tasks and a whole lot more.

Most EasySpooler options can be run from a command line prompt. To make this easier, be sure $LPSBIN is included as part of your PATH. This will allow you to use “lps”, and all the other EasySpooler commands, without having to enter the full path. Then all you need to do is type “lps” followed by one of its many options to accomplish your task. For instance “lps 2” will display the list of print jobs waiting to print and allow you to select which one you wish to delete. Another handy option “lps 18” will display the list of print jobs that have already been printed, or deleted, and allow you to select a job to be “reactivated”.

All of the commands and options are fully described in the Developer’s Guide but if you do not have one handy at the time, you can always just enter the command:

lps help

This command will display a short, “one line”, description for each of the “lps” options. Give it a try the next time you need to accomplish something in a hurry.