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ROC Rhapsody provides SAP with Easy, Reliable Document Management

If you are responsible for output delivery from your enterprise SAP applications, what you are about to learn will be welcome news. In a recent article, Boston Consulting Group says that 30% of all business process disruptions are due to document delivery failures.

How can you prevent your enterprise from becoming part of this statistic? ROC Rhapsody is the answer. It's easy to use and provides sophisticated document management capabilities that you can use today.

ROC Rhapsody lets you define, configure, and manage all the printers and documents in your SAP landscape from one central location. Furthermore, you can access the functionality with an easy-to-use browser based interface. You can easily manage SAP output without customizing the SAP environment, and enhance the native SAP output capabilities.

Beginning-to-end tracking of spooled jobs is a standard feature, with assured delivery of business-critical documents to destinations across the enterprise. Output jobs are automatically retained for quick resolution of output-related problems, such as the need to reprint a job, specific pages, or redirect the job to a different destination.

Best of all, you can see how all of this works first hand, with a free, no obligation, fully functional trial of ROC Rhapsody.