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Some basic fine tuning for your EasySpooler/Rhapsody install

Ok, I've just installed Rhapsody/EasySpooler, I have added some destinations and my users are printing away. What fine tuning can be done?

Well, a few things can be done to fine tune your installation. First, I have found that the majority of system admins want to have their documents saved for a longer period of time. The "out of the box" default of ‘savetime’ is 1 hour (3600 seconds), and it can be set globally, at the printer level, or at the document level. For many users, the default value is adequate, for others however, this would never be enough! The minimum value is ‘1’ second, and the maximum value is "999999999" (11,574 days), which will be longer than anyone will need!

Other parameters to think about are killlog , logrollmax and separator_pages.

The killlog variable tells the Output Manager how often to start a new log file. The default is every Sunday (0) at 03:00 hours. The logrollmax value is used to keep X number of instances of the log file (log.001, log.002, etc). Unless you are a real fanatic about logs, I would suggest lowering this number down to something like 6 or 10.

And finally, the separator_pages flag. Do you need a banner page at the beginning? The end? Between copies? Or none at all? The default value is d-default, which means a banner page at the beginning of the print file. If you never want any banners for any spool files, then simply set this variable to 0, and you are done. But just like the savetime parameter, separator_pages can be set globally, for each destination or for each document.