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Need a another language for your Rhapsody/EasySpooler WebUI, like French or Spanish?

I don’t know if we want to post this, but a couple of customers have asked about this ability, and this is what we have told them.

Navigate to web/classes/resources. There is only one file, application.properties. Copy it to application_fr.properties or any other two character language abbreviation. Edit the new file and translate all of the wording to the right of the equal signs.

Then either from the command line or the webui, edit the webserver.properties file.

Navigate to Admin/Tools/Configure Web Application. The first field, Languages, enter however many two character language abbreviations that are required. Ex: en,fr,es. Save changes.

Command line:
Edit webserver.properties(locations could be web/config or web/webapp/WEB-INF/conf).
Add line to the bottom of file:

Save file.

Restart webui for changes to take effect. The login screen will now have a new field for language which the user can choose. The login screen may not have the language updates since we do not know the language the user is using until they log in.

We can translate for a consulting fee. Otherwise, you are on your own, and will not support your customizations!