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Saving a document for reprinting later

After a file is printed, it can be saved in the inactive queue for a specific about of time based on the user requirement. This amount of time can be defined at a global level or at the document level.

The length of time the document remains in the queue after it prints is determined by the savetime variable. This variable is defined in the $LPSDIR/adm/lpsd.default. Default value for the savetime is 3600.


The time is specified in seconds. This value will save the document for one hour. The value can be changed by logging into the WEBUI and selecting the Admin section. Under the Servers tab you will click Global Tuning on the far right and then change the savetime parameter under the General tab. After saving the change, all newly spooled documents will be save in the inactive queue for the amount of time you specified for the savetime parameter.

You can also override the global setting when spooling the document with the -osavetime option.

llp -dlp01 -osavetime=7200 /file/to/print

This will save this specific document for 2 hours in the inactive queue.