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Recovering from System Interruption with ROC Maestro Scheduling

ROC Maestro provides for both automated and manual recovery from system interruption. If such situations as system downtime or a system failure prevent schedules and tasks from being completed or from launching, ROC Maestro can recover by completing the interrupted processing, while it continues with current processing.

There are four types of recovery with ROC Maestro. The default is Recover, which kicks off any schedule or task that has not run since the failure or was running when the failure occurred. The next option is Fail. Fail will set any schedules that were running when the failure occurred to a failed state and resume scheduling from the time the failure happened. The custom option allows you to create your own recovery script that will automatically run when the system comes back up. The final option is manual. Manual allows you to take control by not resuming anything until you have had time to check things out and allow it to resume.

With the array of options at hand allow you to tweak your scheduling environment to meet the ever changing needs of technology departments.