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Multi-Platform Scheduling Environments

Do you need automated scheduling on Windows, Linux, UNIX and MPE? It’s easy to do! ROC Maestro for Open Systems is easy to install and runs seamlessly between Linux and UNIX. It integrates with RTS Agent on Windows and MPE to fulfill all your scheduling needs. RTS Agent is supported on any Windows Server from Windows Server 2008 and earlier and MPE i/x 7.5 and earlier.

ROC Maestro for Open Systems is the central command center where everything is configured. Once RTS Agent is configured with ROC Maestro, you will get most of the benefits that you would get from just ROC Maestro. Prerequisites on tasks can be used such as wait conditions, prompts and even file dependencies on the RTS Agent Server. Script output is also routed back to ROC Maestro so everything is controlled from one central location.

Getting your scheduling needs from one source makes life a lot easier. Let us help you automate your environment so you have time to take care of other more important issues.