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Send everyone a copy

Do you have an important report and you want everyone in a certain group to receive a copy?  Or do you have multiple reports, all of which need to go to a different group?  Well Rhapsody and EasySpooler have a simple solution.  It is called an “All Destinations Pool Printer”. You can give this a try by adding a new destination. When prompted for the “Destination Type” select the “Printer Pool” option. Then on the next screen, in the “Pool priority” field, select the “All destinations” option.  Then all that remains is to add the destinations where you want the report to be sent.  These destinations are referred to as “Members” of the pool and they can be accessed using the “Members” tab. These members can be any of the printers you have defined in Rhapsody or EasySpooler as well as any aliases you may have defined. This means that if you set up an alias for one of your “EMAIL” destinations and specify “-omailto=user@yourdomain.com” as the option to that alias, it can be made a member of the pool. This gives you the flexibility to send a copy of the report to a printer near the person you want to receive it or to email them a copy or to archive a copy or any combination of your defined destinations. The choices are up to you.

After the pool has been defined, simply spool a report to it and every member will receive a copy. Give it a try.