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LDAP for Rhapsody, what is it? Do I need it?

Still working on this, do not publish, unless someone approves it!

Since version 7.4, ROC Software has offered customers the ability to incorporate LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) as an add-on module to their Rhapsody environment. With the LDAP module in place, Rhapsody will be able to validate users based on their Windows login and password, rather than only their Unix login and password. LDAP is highly customizable for any needs, whether they are small or large, and is seamless with Active Directory users and Admins.

Do you need it? If you have Rhapsody running on Unix servers, and you need your Active Directory users to be able to access Rhapsody without them being known on those Unix servers, then yes!

Another very useful feature of the LDAP module, is the the auto-login feature. Once a Windows user logs in to their workstation, they will automatically be logged in to the WebUI when they navigate to the page. They do not ever have to enter their username or password unless they want to login as someone else.

For more information about Rhapsody’s LDAP module, please follow this link, and login with your SupportPlus account: