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Track is now available for Rhapsody and EasySpooler

We have been working hard on our latest module for Rhapsody and EasySpooler, called “Track”.

With Track, Rhapsody and EasySpooler can be used to track and enforce output quotas and keep historical statistics of past usage. Information can be tracked by printer, user, destination, department or the system as a whole. Administrators can create chart types such as bar charts, pie charts, and line charts. Track also allows you to download statistics to a local workstation for import into a spreadsheet program for custom charting. Administrators can configure Track to send out email notifications to users or departments on a periodic basis, if they go over quota, or receive new allocations.

The possibilities are almost endless. Whether you do department chargebacks or are looking at printer utilization, Track can play a valuable role in your business organization. Download the new version today!