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Intelligence Agency Level Encryption with Rhapsody

Are your reports confidential? Does your data need to be secure from one office to another? With ROC Rhapsody output management, you can encrypt network data, spool files and encrypt all the way to the printer.

In a Rhapsody network environment, encryption can be set up where all network communication between Rhapsody servers and the Web server is encrypted. It uses the popular RC4 cryptography which is very secure. Another level of encryption is with spool files. As an application is creating a document for spooling, Rhapsody can encrypt the file on disk prior to despooling using our own algorithm. If you have an optional Secure DIMM equipped network printer, Rhapsody can spool the file all the way to the printer while being encrypted the entire way. The included Rhapsody Web server can also be set up to use SSL so communication between the web server and the Rhapsody server is encrypted as well.

Whether you need Basic or Fort Knox security within your organization, Rhapsody can handle the task with all of its levels of encryption.