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Fine Tune Scheduling With Calendars and Datelists

With ROC Maestro for Open Systems, it is possible to schedule a task for any number of particular days, years in advance. Using Calendars with datelists, makes the task of scheduling so much easier.

Using a calendar, you can schedule a task to run on certain days of the week, weeks of the month or months of the year. For example, you can set a task to run weekdays except Thursdays or run daily for the first half of the month. Datelists give calendars a bit more fine tuning with using actual dates. You can make a holiday calendar or an end of month calendar for instance and enter the dates that are needed for many years in advance. This allows you less maintenance and more time working on other things while knowing that your automated tasks are going to run when you need them.

Whether you need to ensure that a task does not run on a particular date or must run on a continuous cycle, you can count on ROC Maestro’s ability to schedule according to your needs.