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Track Usage Statistics and User Quotas with Rhapsody and EasySpooler

With EasySpooler and Rhapsody’s add-on module, Track, you can track and/or limit how much is printed and monitor who is printing where. This helps you save paper and keep maintenance and costs down.

Track allows you to limit the number of pages a user or department is allowed to print. A college for instance might want to limit how much each student prints using campus printers. You can define the cost of each page which is tracked and easily readable inside the Web user interface. Destinations that have higher operating costs can be given a higher value to take more from user quotas which controls costs. You can set up departments to be a group of users or collection of destinations which gives you more versatility when tracking documents. Statistics lets you see how much is being printed down to the user, destination or the system as a whole. You can choose from a collection of charts and graphs to view the statistics that makes it easy to understand. It is even possible to export the stats to a spreadsheet that could be used to crunch the data further. Email notifications can be configured to alert users or departments of new allocations or if they print over quota.

With the added flexibility of Track, you can better manage the flow of documents and creating a low maintenance checks and balance system for your printing environment.