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Batch Job Security in the Enterprise

A couple weeks ago I wrote about security issues largely related to print and output.  This week I’ve been thinking about security aspects of batch job scheduling.  OK, if you’re reading this you understand what “batch job scheduling” entails.  This part of IT operations is basic to a complex organization, whether for-profit, not-for-profit, or government.  However, execution of batch scheduling in an organization involves very few people, and they are always found within the IT department.  These characteristics bring up two issues:

1. Security of your batch job processing is extremely important because it literally affects the existence of your organization; and
2. Sole responsibility for batch job work rests with the IT department.

Batch job scheduling involves the daily functioning of your business. Any tampering with tasks and schedules will result in immediate business disruption but one that might not be detected until later when daily work functions are brought to a standstill.

Because batch job scheduling is an automated process controlled by IT department staff, when problems arise from a disruption, it’s your job on the line. I would venture to say few if any others in the organization know how the schedules work.  Disruptions become the kind of incidents you don’t want to have associated with your name.

Our ROC Maestro batch job scheduler allows the manager to absolutely control users, roles and capabilities. A historical log of usage and changes is available as a double check. Any use of the system is noted and allowed only with permission.  Access is restricted and monitored “globally” across the entire configuration of hardware and software applications.  Our engineers can show you how using ROC Maestro will tighten security on this most important aspect of your IT configuration.