ROC BackPack/iX™

Backup and Recovery for MPE Systems

ROC BackPack/iX provides reliable, high–speed backup and recovery across networks.

ROC BackPack/iX has an unmatched feature set and additional modules to maximize the availability of critical systems by minimizing recovery time and system downtime during backups.

To ensure the recovery of critical data, ROC BackPack/iX features intelligent directories on every tape, overwrite protection, tape verification, restoration from damaged tapes, and rollback recovery for online backups. With these features, IT managers can rest assured that data is not only backed up, but also readily available when it is needed most—for restore and recovery.

For data centers that cannot tolerate any downtime during backup, BackPack/iX has an optional module called Online with Autosync. With this module, users can continue using applications without interruption. Online with Autosync permits unrestricted read and write access to files during the backup with no perceptible impact on system response. Data centers that have a brief window of system downtime can use the ROC BackPack/iX Online optional module, which allows processing to continue seamlessly after a brief synchronization period.

ROC BackPack/iX allows data centers to maximize the value of existing infrastructure with its support for tape autochangers and libraries, serial or parallel backup to multiple tape or disk drives, and online backup integration with other ROC solutions.

ROC BackPack's Event Manager can send ”alerts“ when system errors or events occur. For example, a user can be notified when unexpected extra media is required for a backup. Event Manager is designed to send remote users text messages via supported email, text pagers, cell phones, or websites.

ROC BackPack/iX features simple, powerful administration to give IT staff maximum control with minimum effort. Online backups alleviate the need to have users log out during backups. ROC BackPack allows system administrators to easily tune backup preferences, select backup files using a wide range of criteria, and perform daily incremental backups.

  • Backup online without logging off users—with the most reliable recovery point
  • High–speed, high–compression store
  • Efficient, reliable restore and recovery
  • Advanced recovery and alerting
  • Sequential or parallel backup to multiple storagedevices—including DLT, DAT, autochangers, tape libraries, disk, and all other common storage media
  • Improves availability and secures criticaldata
  • Minimizes backup time and storage media costs
  • Reduces the costs of system downtime
  • Reduces down time
  • Maximizes return on storage infrastructure investments

Compatibility—Runs on all supported versions and many older versions of HP MPE/iX.