Comprehensive and Integrated Solution for HP e3000 Data Center Management

ROC DCM/Pak manages multiple data center functions and multiple systems with a single operator interface. Combining all the features and functionality of ROC Maestro for MPE, ROC SpoolMate, and ROC TapesPlus, ROC DCM/Pak efficiently handles batch job processing, report distribution, and tapes library management. This leading integrated utility also remotely alerts users when critical job functions occur.

ROC DCM/Pak provides one interface, one console, and one command syntax - not to mention one source for support, updates, and training. Communication between ROC DCM/Pak modules and event management functionality ensure reliable operations and increased efficiency. A single integrated interface controls all system management and operator functions. With ROC DCM/Pak, data center management is simplified and operator intervention is minimized. For example, the report manager analyzes spool file content to find error conditions, and then invokes the job manager if recovery is required. The job manager notifies the tape librarian of media requirements in advance, so operators can pre-select and stage tapes for the day's production.

For integrated, efficient and secure data center management, ROC DCM/Pak is the solution.

  • One comprehensive solution for workload, spool, and tape management
  • Minimizes manual intervention in all phases of data center operation
  • Single operator interface unites job, report and tape management activities
  • Efficient and modular application to application communication
  • Event management features provides remote notification of critical job functions
  • One vendor for multiple, critical functions
  • Fewer errors and smoother operation
  • Less training and more efficient user experience
  • Speeds operations and reduces failures
  • Increased productivity and problem resolution

Compatibility—Runs on all supported versions and many older versions of HP MPE/iX.