ROC SpoolMate™

Automated Spool File Management for MPE

ROC SpoolMate is the complete and efficient solution for spool file management across the network. Offering the fastest technology available, ROC SpoolMate operators can monitor and control printing for the entire organization from a single, central console.

Automatically transferring spool files across the network, ROC SpoolMate sends individual MPE reports directly from any HP e3000 system to printers attached to the Local Area Network (LAN) via a TCP/IP Network Peripheral Interface (NPI). Its support of LAN-based printers allows multiple users to share one printer. To enable multiple copies to be printed over time without rerunning applications, spool files can be saved not only to the spooler but also archived to disc.

ROC SpoolMate enables operators to quickly distribute reports to individual departments with customer designed banner printing and device selection. Its powerful pre-print Analyzer scans report text for character strings that indicate errors and informs the operator of the specific error condition. Spool file size can also be checked. Additionally, the Analyzer can delete empty spool files, defer spool files and increase the number of printed copies. With automatic restart, network printers are quickly back online after aborted print jobs.

ROC SpoolMate includes 1,000 priority levels replacing the 14 MPE provides, allowing preferential queuing and automatic aging of spool files. ROC SpoolMate's printing flexibility also enables operators to reserve printers based on job size.

  • Pre-print analysis of spool files
  • Extended priorities
  • Centralized control of network spooling activities
  • Powerful banner print facility
  • Automatic restart function
  • Reduces errors
  • Preferential processes of the most important spool files
  • Increases availability and control of printers while reducing administrative costs
  • Reduces lost reports and paper costs
  • Yields higher printer availability

Compatibility—Runs on all supported versions and many older versions of HP MPE/iX.