ROC TapesPlus™

Tape Library Management for MPE Systems

ROC TapesPlus is the automated solution to track, store and maintain tape libraries. A proven solution for lowering administrative cost, ROC TapesPlus ensures the integrity of your data by virtually eliminating operator intervention and costly job reruns caused by tape-related errors. It automatically assigns tapes to empty slots during vaulting cycles. ANSI labeling prevents accidental overwrites of tapes. Automated operator instruction insures that the correct tapes are mounted for specific applications.

ROC TapesPlus supports network-wide tape library management with hierarchical cataloging featuring multiple generations and versions of each tape data set. Automatic tape scratch and tape vaulting facilities, tape check-in and checkout, and physical and electronic tape labeling are standard features.   ROC TapesPlus secure vaulting ensures that you know exactly where on-site and off-site backups are stored—from the vault location to the specific slot.

ROC TapesPlus reporting allows you to quickly and easily track the movement of vaulted tapes. The tracking database allows online inquiry and update of the complete inventory of all volumes stored in multiple locations. The slot vaults management feature allows instant access to the location of vaulted tapes and immediate notification of scratch tape availability. The tape staging facility produces daily pre-production reports showing the tape requirements for the next processing day.

ROC TapesPlus manages all media types, including reel–to–reel, DAT/DDS, and DLT. ANSI-labeled backup volumes are automatically tracked and protected, regardless of what backup product you use. However, when used in conjunction with ROC BackPack/iX, data centers can achieve true “lights out” automation for tape backup and library management.

  • Protection against accidental overwrites
  • Automatic tape slot assignment
  • Simplified tape operation and minimal operator training
  • Network-wide tape library management tools
  • Fully automated record keeping and reporting
  • Ensures better data integrity
  • Reduces errors
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Lower administration costs and improved availability
  • Provides measurable results and audit capability

Compatibility—Runs on all supported versions and many older versions of HP MPE/iX.