ROC Software Announces Release of Rhapsody 7.3

Austin, Texas – March 30, 2007 – ROC Software, a leading provider of systems management solutions for cross-platform environments, announced the release of ROC Rhapsody version 7.3.

This new release of ROC’s output management solution, ROC Rhapsody 7.3, supports printer device monitoring and provides device status alerts for toner/ink level, paper level and maintenance cycles. ROC Rhapsody 7.3 also supports customized views for documents and destinations. This will allow administrators and end users who have different interests, to define user specific column sets/layouts via the web user interface.

ROC Rhapsody 7.3 is available for shipment now.

About ROC Software

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, ROC Software develops easy to use systems management solutions for UNIX, Linux, Windows and the HP e3000. ROC’s decades of cross–platform experience ensures that its solutions exceed customer requirements for reliability. More than 4,000 customers worldwide depend upon ROC Software for innovative enterprise solutions, quality, responsiveness and award-winning support.

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