ROC Rhapsody 7 - More secure and fault-tolerant - and a new Web interface

Austin, Texas – May 2, 2005 – ROC Software, a leading provider of enterprise-wide output and systems management solutions for cross-platform environments announced the availability of ROC Rhapsody version 7. This major new release of ROC’s output management solution helps customers meet the challenges of output security by providing spool file data encryption while a new Web interface reduces help desk costs via centralized deployment and management.

ROC Rhapsody customers secure output streams across the network—all the way to the printer if necessary. The security capabilities of Rhapsody address cross-industry problems: information security threats and increasingly stringent regulations for the protection of private data. For health care related organizations covered under HIPAA and all public companies operating under Sarbanes-Oxley, Rhapsody assures management that sensitive print data cannot be viewed or changed by unauthorized persons. “When auditors realize that confidential client data is being sent as clear text to printers, the issue of output security is going to attract a lot of attention,” said Mike Broadway, ROC Software Chief Technology Officer.

ROC Rhapsody also incorporates a powerful new Web interface, allowing organizations to deploy cost-saving output management capabilities to any authorized user without the need for client software. IT staff do not need to walk to a remote office to solve a print problem or install software. And because over 23% of internal help desk support calls are print related 1, ROC Rhapsody decreases help desk costs by allowing users to solve their output issues. ROC Rhapsody, which ensures reliable information delivery to print, fax, email, Web, or PDF file, is built upon the technology of market-leading EasySpooler, acquired by ROC Software for its fifteen years of output management performance.

1 Source: IDCROI Focus Shifts to Imaging and Output Infrastructure,” January 2004.

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